New York LICA Scholarship

Scholarship Policy and Award Procedure

    • To qualify, an applicant must be an immediate relative of a current NYLICA member in good standing. Recipients may be from any field of study.
    • Qualified applicants may re-apply each year.
    • Requests for scholarships applications may be made to any NYLICA member or the Executive Director.
    • All dates and deadlines will be determined by US Postal cancellation.
    • Scholarships will be screened by a selection committee appointed by the Education Committee. Twice the number of scholarships to be awarded will be selected (if available) for final screening and approval by the NYLICA Board of Directors.
    • Scholarship checks will be written to the student after October 1 of the award year. Money may be used for normal college needs other than admissions.
    • Any parent of an applicant who is on the NYLICA Board of Directors or the NYLICA Education Committee will dismiss themselves from voting.
    • Please acknowledge the receipt of the scholarship if you are a winning applicant.
    • A signed application is confidential; however, if you are a selected recipient, we may request a waiver for use of some of the application material such as pictures, biographical information, etc.

Please send completed application and all other material on or before December 1st.

For a printable scholarship application, click here.

National LICA Scholarship

Each year the National LICA Education Committee awards several scholarships to students pursuing any field of higher education. To be eligible, applicant must be related to an active LICA Contractor member. This includes members, spouse, child or grandchild. LICA is happy to assist in the pursuit of higher education.

Click here for a National LICA Scholarship application.